"There's something of Ireland in all of us"

Irish heritage and gardens have been the focus of this Atlanta-based company for more than 10 years.

The Irish Connection takes your ideas and melds them with ours to create a tour that satisfies your wishes for a wonderful visit to Ireland. Your interests may be gardens or heritage or hiking , or exploring the wine and food opportunities in Ireland. You may love history and culture or literature or want to see something of the cutting edge new world of Ireland now - its bands and pubs and fashion. We work with groups of all kinds, including Alumni groups, Incentive and business programs and can also plan individual and family trips. If you want something special come to us for some ideas. We work with Travel Agents also and welcome their special knowledge and concern for their clients.

Heritage Tours in Ireland

We explore the Pagan, Gaelic, Celtic and Scotch Irish heritage of Ireland in trips and tours with expert guides working with Universities, colleges or Alumni Associations and other groups to explore and celebrate heritage. Our Myths and Legends tour focuses on little known legends and folk tales of Ireland with a knowledgeable entertaining guide; see the article written about this tour. We plan Literary Heritage tours of Ireland such as the W.B. Yeats tour, and other literary tours. Pub tours, music and band and fashion focus tours celebrate some of the culture of Ireland today. Genealogical tours to the North and South of Ireland focus on shared culture and experiences, links to the United States and Canada, and Scotland. For details of current tours see our 2012 tours section.

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Garden Tours in Ireland

A wonderful focus of exploration waits to be discovered in the Gardens of Ireland, diverse themes and plantings, modern and traditional - so much to learn and enjoy. Our garden tours feature meetings with owners of the gardens, expert guides knowledgeable of many garden styles and of the history of gardens. We seek to understand - What is the Irish Garden? Does it have a character that identifies itself as an "Irish" garden - Gardens are in themselves often a reflection of the society of which they form a part. There is much to learn of Heritage and culture in the exploration of the many gardens in Ireland. Sometimes, little known outside of Ireland except to the cognoscenti, these explorations can be a way to discover that green and warmly welcoming land of Ireland.

Our 2012 Tour to Ireland -
This carefully designed tour features visits to many little-known gardens and some outstanding public gardens as well as offering opportunities for experiencing the cutting edge spas and good food and wine of Ireland. Go shopping if you like it, visit Helen Dillon's world-renowned garden and enjoy the fabulous city life of Dublin.

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Walking in Ireland

We plan highly active walking tours for strong walkers or gentler walking programs that involve cultural, Heritage and garden visits through particular regions of Ireland. We like to emphasize health and well being on our walking tours, and offer Yoga for example, or Holistic living seminars or spa opportunities on some tours, if appropriate to the group.

Additional Information

Currently all our group trips are custom made for the groups or Tour Leaders or Travel Agents that come to us. We list the tours in the Tours section of the web site. We can also book golf, hiking, fishing and equestrian trips and soft adventure trips using 4 wheel drive vehicles to explore some of the lesser known terrain of Ireland.

We also have scheduled departure tours for special interests such as gardens, genealogy and heritage and literary themes. Please see our tours section.

We enjoy the challenge of researching, planning and booking a tour with a special interest even those that seem obscure or unusual. We also plan family reunions, land trips for cruise passengers, and shorter trips for a break in Ireland. Get in touch with us to discuss your plans.

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